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CD booklet
ACD22251 - October, 2000

Terry RILEY: In C

Terry Riley writes: " In C has been around for more than 1/2 my lifetime and is arguably the most performed piece of contemporary music in existence. I have had to live happily with its blessings and its curses even though its creation on a Spring night of 1964 took only a few hours to pen. The one page score was published on the original CBS Masterworks LP cover in 1968 so it immediately got into the public domain and performances started springing up everywhere from Russia to Japan to South Africa. There have been several diverse takes on this set of 53 patterns. The psychedelic Innocence that gave birth to this music has long since dissolved into the cyberworlds that rule the double 00's and yet it has somehow survived. It has not only survived but flourished as an anthem of triumph and liberté in this fantasia directed by Walter Boudreau, with the SMCQ and Raôul Duguay [recorded live in 1997]. This is a brilliant conception, I only wish I had thought of it myself!"



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In C
Riley, Terry
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