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Trio Hochelaga

Founded in 2000, Trio Hochelaga rapidly distinguished itself on the Canadian musical scene as one of the country's most important musical ensembles. Bearing Montreal's original Iroquois name, the Trio Hochelaga consists of violinist Anne Robert, cellist Paul Marleyn, and pianist Stéphane Lemelin. The Trio Hochelaga consecrates itself to the performance of chamber music for trio, from the Classical period up to the music of today. Nourishing a special taste for the Romantic and post-Romantic repertoire, and in particular the French repertoire from the end of the 19th to early 20th centuries, the Trio has taken on the mandate of making known the hidden gems of this repertoire to a larger public. Stéphane Lemelin and Paul Marleyn left the trio in the summer of 2012. The Trio Hochelaga now unites three longtime friends; violinist Anne Robert, who founded the ensemble in 2000, pianist Marie Fabi and cellist Carole Sirois. In the summer of 2012, these three acclaimed musicians – close colleagues since their years of musical study and throughout their performing careers – reunited to form the new Trio Hochelaga. They bring to the ensemble a broad range of musical experience and shared artistic ideals. Their performances will captivate audiences by infusing the extensive repertoire for this instrumental combination with renewed energy and inspiration.

Ernest Alder: L'Opéra concertant
Trio Hochelaga
April, 2013
Lekeu: Trio et Quatuor avec piano
Trio Hochelaga
June, 2012
Migot: Suite à trois
Trio Hochelaga
January, 2010
ROPARTZ, RHENÉ-BATON: Trios avec piano
Trio Hochelaga
August, 2007