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Marc Pantillon

, piano

Born into a well-known family of musicians in Neuchâtel,Marc Pantillon was raised in an environment filled with music where it was only natural to begin studying the piano at a very early age under the tutelage of his parents. He did not study with anyone else until after he earned his diploma at the age of 20. As the recipient of a grant fromMigros, he was able to study with Hans Petermandl at the Hochschule fürMusik in Vienna, where he earned a diploma in virtuosity “with honors” in 1983. In the same year he won great attention as a finalist at the Bösendorfer Competition, likewise in Vienna. Marc Pantillon then had the chance to continue his studies with Paul Badura-Skoda, who took great interest in his development, encouraging him to seriously consider a career as a soloist. The prize as Soloist of the Swiss Musicians’ Association in 1987 served as the starting point for this career. Since then he has appeared frequently in recital and as a soloist with orchestra; he is likewise a chamber musician in great demand. Marc Pantillon teaches professional piano classes at both the Neuchâtel and
Lausanne Conservatories. A passionate botanist and bird-watcher, Marc Pantillon lives in the village of Môtiers, where nature has remained untouched and whose forests have hardly changed since Jean-Jacques Rousseau once roamed there...

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Alexandre da Costa
March, 2009