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Le Nouvel Opéra

, group

Under the artistic leadership of Suzie LeBlanc, music director Alexander Weimann and stage director Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière, Le Nouvel Opéra is dedicated to the production and workshopping of repertoire from the baroque and classical periods in the form of operas, serenatas, intermezzi, Singspiel and other artforms where dance, theatre, commedia dell’arte, visual arts and singing are blended together into one spectacle. While deeply committed to an understanding of performance practice, part of the company’s mandate is to make this repertoire relevant to a modern audience by making as many connections as possible to contemporary life and culture. To this end, the company has made education an integral part of the company’s future plans.

Caldara: La Conversione di Clodoveo
Le Nouvel Opéra
March, 2011