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Yves Léveillé

, piano

During the past decade, composer/pianist Yves Léveillé has become amajor figure on the Canadian jazz scene. As a composer he draws on contemporary and traditional jazz, and on classical and world music, with an esthetic sense distinguished by refined melody and harmony. He has been hailed for his skill in articulating a musical language rich in contemporary nuances. Through his company Les Productions Yves Léveillé, of which he is artistic director, he has collaborated with dozens of musicians from Quebec, Canada, and elsewhere.Whether inMontreal – his base—Quebec City, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, New York, Brussels, or Paris, he plays with such world-renowned musicians as multiinstrumentalist Paul McCandless, pianist Eri Yamamoto, percussionist Marie-Josée Simard, and pianist François Bourassa. Yves Léveillé’s seven albums have all beenwarmlywelcomed by critics and the public, and have won ADISQ and OPUS nominations and prizes. All About Jazz affirms that he has “emerged as a passionate and intelligent creator of new music”. Frédéric Cardin of Radio- Canada says: “Whether playing piano as a soloist, or in a duo, trio, or other ensemble, whether as performer or composer, [Yves Léveillé’s] fingers, heart, andmindwork ceaselessly to create beauty through sounds, notes, and instruments.”

En trois couleurs
En trois couleurs
February, 2015