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Kiosque à musique

Above all, Le Kiosque à musique is the encounter of seven musicians from different musical walks of life who have united for the pleasure of an uncommon musical experience and the dream of seven friends wishing to share their passion for music. Joining many times throughout the years to perform The Soldier's Tale by Igor Stravinsky, (the opus which gave rise to this eclectic formation: clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, violin, double bass and percussion) the musicians of Kiosque always seemed to come back to the same idea. The scarcity of original repertoire for this kind of ensemble forced them to perform the same work again and again. Stravinsky's Tale had been conceived originally as an itinerant theatrical music production (to entertain army troops in the First World War). Hence throughout the years, it had lost a part of its essence by being forced into concerts of somewhat more serious music. The group decided to create their own reper-toire to recall and renew a type of concert faithful to Canadian and Quebec musical and community traditions, a concert format which could be found over many parts of the world at the turn of the last century.

Trombonist and artistic director Alain Trudel is considered worldwide as one of the best virtuosos of his instrument and has a growing reputation as a conductor. Violinist François Pilon is well known for his work in the Romulo Larrea ensemble as well as with artists such as Richard Séguin. Double-bassist Yannick Chênevert is a member of the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne and a widely solicited freelance musician. From the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal and the faculty of McGill University come the clarinettist Alain Desgagnés and the bassoonist Mathieu Harel. Samuel Véro is a trumpet player and member of the brass quintet Impact and plays with most of Quebec's orchestras. The percussionist and arranger Jean-Marie Zeitouni is the choir conductor at l'Opera de Montréal, conductor of the Symphonic Choir of the OSQ, and resident conductor of Les Violons du Roy.
Kiosque 1900
Kiosque à musique
June, 2003