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Alex Kheler

, violin

With over 20 years of experience and his training as a baroque violinist at McGill university, Alex Kheler is a versatile fiddle player. He plays mainly Celtic music but is at home in many other styles. His current projects include Soulwood, Kehler-Williams Duo, Les Siffleurs de nuit, La Nef, Skye Consort, and La Mandragore. Over the past 5 years his passion for Scandinavian music has made him a rare bird in North America, playing the Swedish nyckelharpa. He has had the opportunity to study with two renowned Swedish teachers, Torbjörn Näsböm and David Eriksson. He also plays låtmandola, the Swedish equivalent to the Irish bouzouki.


The People's Purcell
Michael Slattery
January, 2018