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Le Choeur Louisbourg

Founded in 2006, the Louisbourg Choir, under the direction of Monique Richard, has quickly become established in New Brunswick’s cultural landscape. From 2006 to 2014, it was the resident choir of the Sackville Festival of Early Music; each season, the choir travelled the province of New Brunswick to perform in various towns and cities. In May 2015, Service d’Action Culturelle et Artistique de l’Université PARIS 8 invited the Louisbourg Choir to take part in Rencontres Chorales 2015, dedicating the event to Acadian music. The choir performed six concerts, either with other Parisian choirs or on its own. The group collaborates regularly with Symphony New Brunswick and other groups such as Atlantic Ballet Theatre. 

Although the Louisbourg Choir has distinguished itself by specializing in early music, it occasionally embraces other musical periods. Performing pieces by contemporary composers is also of great importance to the choir; in recent years, it has performed works by Richard Gibson, and commissioned works from Matthew C. Lane, James Fogarty, and other emerging composers. 

Intent on diversifying their repertoire, the members of the choir have worked with renowned conductors such as the late Christopher Jackson, Alexander Weimann, Denis Gautheyrie, and more recently, Andrew McAnerney.


Chansons d’amour d’Acadie et de France
Le Choeur Louisbourg
August, 2018