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Françoise Atlan

, voice

Born in 1964 and graced with a naturally beautiful voice developed through her childhood, Françoise Atlan began to learn the piano with her mother at age six. Her musical studies at the Saint-Étienne and Aix-en-Provence conservatories were rewarded in 1984 with Prizes in piano and chamber music. While a student of musicology at the university of Aix-Marseille, she perfected her vocal technique and her grasp of the lyric repertoire with Andréa Guiot at the Paris Opéra.

With the contemporary music choir conducted by Roland Hayrabedian, she distinguished herself in the solo part of Maurice Ohana's Cantigas, the recording of which obtained the Grand Prix de l'Académie du Disque in 1987. From 1987 to 1989 she was First Soloist with the vocal ensemble Musicatreize, specializing in contemporary music (Ohana, Ligeti, Nono).

Her Judeo-Berber roots brought her to develop a keen interest in traditional music, particularly of the Mediterranean region. Her international career has led her to sing both the repertoires of Western early music and of traditional music with great success in the United States, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, Morocco, Tunisia, ex-Yugoslavia, Holland, Belgium, Norway, and Israel.

Ms. Atlan regularly gives master classes at the Ethno-musicological workshops in Geneva, the Basel Scola Cantorum, and at the Centre de Musique Médiévale in Paris. She won the 1998 Prix Villa Médicis Hors les Murs, which gave her the opportunity to perfect the Arabic-Andalusian repertoire of Fez tradition for three years with Mohammed Briouel. In 2001, Françoise Atlan took part in the creation of Florence Bachet's work Femmes, commissioned by Radio France and performed with the Ensemble FA conducted by Dominique My.
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