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Michel Beauchamp

, guitar

Michel Beauchamp studied at the Montreal Conservatory in the class of Jean Vallières. Along with a Premier prix in guitar, he completed his Concours in Counterpoint, Harmony and Fugue under the direction of Jacques Faubert. Michel Beauchamp went on to study with three great masters of the guitar, Manuel Barrueco, Alvaro Pierri and David Russell. He has performed in Quebec, New Brunswick, and in the U.S.A. and France. Michel Beauchamp teaches guitar, gives lectures, is often invited to judge competitions, sometimes takes on the role of music critic, and presides over the Guitar Society of Montreal.

The instrument played by Michel Beauchamp is a seven-string guitar custom-made by René Wilhelmy. Although not unheard of, the seven-string guitar is a rather rare instrument. The extra cord is tuned to a B, one half-tone below the cello range. The addition of the seventh string not only adds to the range of the instrument but also gives it more richness, a more velvety tone.