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Jay Bernfeld

, viola da gamba

Jay Bernfeld is increasingly admired as a performer of great expressivity on the viola da gamba. He is widely acclaimed as a soloist and continuo player, and for his performances of ornamental and improvisatory styles. Award winning releases of %22Pièces des Violes%22 by Antoine Forqueray and Francois Couperin as well as the %22Folies d'Espagne%22 of Marin Marais and a premiere recording of works by Johannn Schenk have received extravagant praise in the international press.

As a teenager Jay Bernfeld witnessed hundreds of live performances of the great singers, foremost among them Renata Tebaldi. It is largely due to his appreciation of the dramatic voice that he has developed a new perspective on the performance of earlier repertoires. He has served as assistant conductor to maestro David Stern for productions of Mozart's %22Nozze di Figaro%22 and Purcell's « Dido and Aeneas » at the festival d'Aix - en - Provence and at the Opera de Rouen. With Skip Sempe and the Capriccio Stravagante, of which he is a founding member, he has directed %22la Pellegrina%22 and Gagliano's %22Dafne%22 at Vicenza's Teatro Olimpico; his production of Monteverdi's %22Ritorno d‘Ulisse in Patria%22 was chosen to inaugurate the Dimitri Mitropulos Concert Hall at the Athens Music Palace.
MARCELLO: Salmi di Davide
Jay Bernfeld
November, 2004
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Les Voix humaines
September, 2001
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Rinat Shaham
August, 2001