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The Latin word forestare, meaning “to create a forest,” has rich linguistic ancestry. A sense of “forest” is confirmed by the German cognate Forst, but the name also evokes the out-of-doors through roots going back to the Vulgar Latin word foris, or “outside.” To this day, Italians use the word forestiere to refer to a stranger — someone from the outside. In the Middle Ages, noblemen had peasant farmers removed from their lands to create hunting grounds. These croplands were allowed to grow wild and came to be known as foresta, which eventually evolved into the word forest. And into the forest is exactly where Forestare hopes to take the listener: beyond the familiar towards new horizons to breathe in the splendours of a natural musical landscape.

Forestare is an ensemble of close to fifteen young classical guitarists with a calling to music and a commitment to the environment. The group’s keen interest in the music of our time is expressed through commissioned works, arrangements, and collaborative projects with esteemed performing artists, such as Richard Desjardins, who have made a mark on Quebec.

February, 2012
Forestare: Richard Desjardins
March, 2007