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Emilie Brûlé

Émilie Brûlé had completed a Bachelor of Music in Early Music Performance at McGill University (Montreal, Canada), where she studied baroque violin with Hélène Plouffe. She is well-versed in many styles of music; since her youth she has been very involved in Quebecois and Irish folk music and only more recently moved to baroque violin. In 2003 she decided to study the vielle and explore the possibilities of medieval music, where her background in folk music and improvisation are put to good use. Émilie Brûlé has performed with La Nouvele Sinfonie (Hervé Niquet), Le Studio de musique ancienne de Montreal, the Bach-Academie Orchestra, Masques, and Les Boréades. She is also a founding member of the traditional music group Feux d’archetistes.
Heu, Fortuna
La Rota
September, 2007