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Les Vents de Montréal

An ensemble of varying dimensions, Les Vents de Montréal is dedicated to performing a repertoire for winds, stemming from a long-established European tradition that gœs back as far as the late 18th century. The members of the ensemble are distinguished Canadian soloists from the ranks of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Jean Saulnier is a soloist and chamber musician, and teaches at the Université de Montréal. The first recording of Les Vents de Montréal, on the ATMA label, was dedicated to Beethoven.
Naturally Beethoven
Les Vents de Montréal
June, 2008
Adolphe Blanc
Les Vents de Montréal
September, 2001
BEETHOVEN: Symphonie no 7, Septuor op.20
Les Vents de Montréal
September, 1997