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Bouliane - Gougeon - Rea

The WholeNote
1 septembre 2012

Lorraine Vaillancourt and the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (NEM) deliver a vibrant performance in this most recent of an ongoing series of releases celebrating the new music of Montreal. Equally precise and passionate, they play the music like they own it.

Denys Bouliane's  Rythmes et échos des rivages anticostiens is an exciting work based on his imagined historical reconstruction of the music of Anticosti Island. The composer is particularly interested in the encounter between European and First Nations cultures, a project in wich he brings to bear both his European academic background and more recent research into First Nations music. Sophisticated use of devices such as simple repetition achieve highly complex results, propelling the piece though an intense and inventive timbral tour of the NEM's resources.

In En accordéon, Denis Gougeon, the self-describe "knitter of sounds", bases his ideas on the alternating squeezing and stretching of the accordion's bellows. Dramatic gestures abound in this contemporary rendition of the classic concerto genre, as Joseph Petric's virtuosic passage work and the silvery ton of his accordion are juxtaposed and combine with the sound of the ensemble. In Mutation, the composer's use of musical gesture lenght-ens to encompass the entire work, giving it a strong sense of sweep and clarity.

John Rea's fascination with music's essential foundation, time, connects him with György Ligeti, to whom his piece Singulari-T is dedicated in its subtitle. Listeners will be fascinated to folow various musical manipulations of our sense of time: from metronomically steady, speeding up or slowing down, to irregular and unpredictable. At certain moments, some tendency reaches a breaking point and everything suddenly changes.

In all, a highly recommended album.

Nic Gotham - The WholeNote

24 mai 2012


Pour savoir où en est rendue la musique contemporaine québécoise, il serait bien avisé de commencer par ici, parce que les trois compositeurs que nous présentent le NEM et sa directrice Lorraine Vaillancourt offrent d’excellents exemples du genre. Des exemples qui prouvent bien que la musique contemporaine n’est pas rébarbative quand elle est bonne! Et bien interprétée, soulignons-le. L’extraordinaire énergie des Rythmes et échos des rivages anticostiens de Denys Bouliane; le dialogue entre le soliste Joseph Petric et l’ensemble dans En accordéon de Denis Gougeon; la pièce Mutation, du même (Opus de la création de l’année en 2011); enfin, l’hommage que rend John Rea à György Ligeti à travers sa Singulari-T, tout cela est vraiment réjouissant.

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