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SAINTS INOUÏS : Chants sacrés perdus et retrouvés du XIIe siècle

Baker & Taylor CD Hotlist
26 juin 2020

Both of these discs present medieval music for daily devotion from the 12th to 13th centuries in honor of one or more saints. S:T Sigfrid’s Officium consists of an “office” (chants sung throughout the day) in honor of St. Sigfrid, who came to Sweden in the 11th century as a missionary and is popularly believed to have baptized the first king of Sweden. Saints inouïs (“astonishing saints”) brings together music from the offices for St. Pardulf and St. Yrieix, along with music for the Feast of the Conception of the Virgin–all of which has its origins in the French region of Creuse. Both programs are sung by all-female ensembles; in the case of the St. Sigfrid disc, the voices tend to be solo and are recorded quite closely and intimately, and vocal textures are occasionally broken up by a hurdy-gurdy (which sounds surprisingly decorous and solemn in this context). The Saints inouïs collection is recorded with a more liturgical flavor, the voices ringing out in a stately manner inside a reverberant church acoustic, accompanied sparely by a droning fiddle or organetto; the singing is occasionally interrupted by readings. Both of these are outstanding releases, and are strongly recommended to any library with a collecting interest in medieval music (or where patrons have shown an interest in the music of Hildegard von Bingen).

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